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Velour Lash

  • Velour Silk Lashes

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    Velour Silk Lashes

    Time is the best tool to test our velour silk lashes. Long and thick velour silk lashes will make you look in the eyes, with the tip of the feather, the arrangement of trumpet-shaped, there is also a crisscross pattern, formed a pair of sparkling velour silk lashesRead More

  • Velour Fluffy Lashes

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    Velour Fluffy Lashes

    Trust your instincts, these velour fluffy lashes is as real as your intuition, cluster, crisscross pattern has a gradient effect on the magical velour fluffy lashes, they comb or dense, long or short, sparkling form a velour fluffy lashesRead More

  • Velour Mink Lashes

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    Velour Mink Lashes

    Focus the spotlight on your eyes, with these perfect velour mink lashes, full volume and length, and use these velour mink lashes to make your eyes more vibrant and vibrantRead More

  • Velour Eyelashes

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    Velour Eyelashes

    Close the eyes, long and warped velour eyelashes slightly vibrate...Long velour eyelashes put in beautiful arcs under the eyelids The long velour eyelashes hung low, and seemed to quiver every minute, gently, like feathers The bushy velour eyelashes cast two fan-shaped...Read More

We're one of the most professional velour lash manufacturers in China, mainly specialized in wholesale service. Welcome to buy the best velour lash at cheap price from our factory here.