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Mink Lashes

  • Bulk Mink Lashes S111

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    Bulk Mink Lashes S111

    This model bulk mink lashes is designed by popular celebrity makeup artists in Hollywood, this mink haircut is the perfect choice for any eye shape. This unique and effortless chic eyelashes is perfect for nighttime or nighttime in the city. It is fluffy, soft, with its own...Read More

  • Individual Mink Lashes S110

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    Individual Mink Lashes S110

    A feathery, Individual Mink Lashes adds the perfect color to your eyes. Designing 3D mink fur is a must for whipping lovers. Our eyelashes are perfect for adding a touch of color to your everyday makeup. 3D mink belt eyelashes can be reused (recommended 25-30 times)Read More

  • Mink Lash Boutique S109

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    Mink Lash Boutique S109

    The perfect Mink Lash Boutique add a strong visual effect to achieve the look you want. Green Lash 3D Mink Fur creates a fascinating feminine finish. The mink fiber possesses a real black hue, immaculately full, giving your ideal eyelashes the charm of the day or night. 3D...Read More

  • Mink Lashes Animal Cruelty S108

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    Mink Lashes Animal Cruelty S108

    The perfect mink lashes animal cruelty create a perfect for you. To add lightness to your eyes, 3D Mink Lash is a reflection of femininity. With an enviable length and an even distribution of eyelashes, mink hair realizes a naturally more eye-catching eyelash, giving you the...Read More

  • Mink Lash Clusters S107

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    Mink Lash Clusters S107

    Use these unique mink lash clusters to increase your glamor. They are made from silky fibers that blend perfectly with your eyelashes, and mink-fake eyelashes are the perfect fit for everyone. We can provide you two types of eyelashes, black tape and transparent tape,...Read More

  • Mink Lashes Huda Beauty S106

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    Mink Lashes Huda Beauty S106

    Add color to your favorite eyes with this intense mink hairline. Green lash handmade artificial mink eyelashes are designed with thick eyelashes, with an invisible band and slender hair. This eyelash is ideal perfectionist cosmetics. Can be reused 25-30 times, provided that...Read More

  • Mink Lashes Private Label with Package S105

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    Mink Lashes Private Label with Package S105

    Our mink lashes private label with package are a must for your successful makeup product. In a black band, a root of mink hair constitutes a beautiful eyelashes, natural appearance, silk luxury, every princess and queen should have such a pair of false eyelashesRead More

  • Mink Lashes and Custom Package S104

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    Mink Lashes and Custom Package S104

    A lightweight mink lashes and custom package increases the perfect curvature. Designed to add any gorgeous, mink hairy false eyelashes you are looking for is a must for your successful party. In an invisible band, the filamentous fibers form a crisscross pattern, supernatural...Read More

  • Mink Lashes In False Eyelashes S103

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    Mink Lashes In False Eyelashes S103

    Green Lash luxury mink hair is exquisitely designed and of moderate length, ideal for use on the eyes. Attached to a soft band, lightweight fabric creates a subtle piece of work. Made from silk-like luxury fibers, it maximizes your eyesRead More

  • Double Layer Mink Fur Lashes S102

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    Double Layer Mink Fur Lashes S102

    This is a very amazing double layer mink fur lashes , each pair of our mink hair looks perfect, suitable for any occasion. Regardless of makeup or makeup, Green Lash eyelashes can add beauty for you, allowing you to become the star of the crowdRead More

  • Best Seller Mink Lashes S101

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    Best Seller Mink Lashes S101

    Green Lash's mink hair is collected from a free-range zoo and collected during the off-season. No animals are harmed in the process, so our products are not in conflict with animal protection organizations. If you are A loving girl who does not want to hurt animals,...Read More

  • Faux Mink Lashes

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    Faux Mink Lashes

    The wife attends the company annual meeting performance, after returning, let me help to tear off the Faux Mink Lashes. I held out two fingers and pulled it down. She exclaimed, you are a real catch! I let go of my hands, she took my hand to clap, so the Faux Mink Lashes all...Read More