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makeup tips2
Feb 23, 2018

Transparent makeup, natural shiny skin, seemingly naked makeup of the state, straight men definitely do not recognize the makeup skills, so that you are the entire human state of nature, the original water Shizi, long Zeyame, Miiaka Toku vegetables, such as many love beans are super like this makeup.

Step 1: With the air cushion BB in the eyes below the picture area gently press, so that the entire skin to create a sense of natural light feeling transparent.

Step 2: Use the BB cream gently pressed on the face, pay attention not to smear oh, easy to have a strong sense of makeup, so that the skin condition looks better.

Step 3: Choose the right color of the powder cake, gently superimposed on the face, so that the skin more natural health.

Step 4: Gently rub your hands, feel the hair stop, and then press on the face, with the temperature of the palm of the face to adapt to the use of cosmetics, to create a more transparent sense of makeup.

Step 5: Use a brush to dip the high light powder, gently brush the head of the eye, so that the entire face to show a transparent natural state.

Step 6: With just used the brush, no longer dip into the new high light powder, with the remaining enough, light sweep in the eye socket, so that the eyes more God.

Step 7: Use a flat brush with high light powder, brush in the corner of the eye, strengthen eye makeup, looks more natural and playful.