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makeup tips
Feb 12, 2018

Many girls ignore the vulnerability of eyebrows, always very rude to their eyebrows, the following to teach all kinds of eyebrows products in the correct use of it.

1 Spiral Brush: Suddenly start painting is absolutely not! Brush your brow and draw along the lines of your eyebrows.

2 Liquid Eyebrow Pencil: Eyebrows sometimes have vacant part, especially the use of the product with occlusion effect, this time will be a little bit along each eyebrow to be traced.

3 Flat Eyebrow brush: From the top of the deflexion began to brush the tail, along the direction of the eyebrows, and eyebrows shape brush.

4 Flat Eyebrow brush: To the brow, eyebrow brush should not dip the eyebrow powder, with eyebrow brush the remaining eyebrow powder enough.

5 Eyebrow Pencil: from brow and eyebrow tail complement draw line, add line below eyebrow, build eyebrow contour.

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