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makeup tips
Feb 08, 2018

Want in the workplace or in life with gas field crush each other, but there is no such a strong aura how to do? In fact, as long as a change of eyebrow makeup can enhance the aura, a suitable brow makeup can not only change the temperament, People look more confident! Do not hurry to try this Ying Li eyebrow makeup.

Essential Ying Li eyebrow makeup: British legislation eyebrow makeup focus is to give up the Korean word Mei Lin sister-like innocence and weakness, to strengthen the Mei Feng, the whole person seems full of British.

STEP 1: The first use of spiral eyebrow brush, along the direction of eyebrows growing from brow to eyebrow combed open, so eyebrows are not easy to knot, makeup is also easier.

STEP 2: Use a liquid eyebrow pencil with a similar color to your eyebrows to fill in the thinner part of the eyebrows and make the eyebrows look more dense.

STEP 3: choose the same eyebrows and eyebrows with the same color to fill the gap between the eyebrows, soft eyebrows outline, eyebrows look naturally blunt.

STEP 4: Eyebrow brush after brushing eyebrows, eyebrow powder without eyebrow powder, directly to the eyebrows in the opposite direction brush, because the brush on the eyebrow powder is not much, so the brow will not be too thick exaggerated.

STEP 5: Eyebrow pencil to adjust the outline of the eyebrows, eyebrows and painted Mei Feng. If you want a little stronger gas field, you can draw a line in the brow one-third connected eyebrows.

STEP 6: Finally wipe the wrong or redundant parts with a cotton swab to ensure that the eyebrows are clean and tidy as a whole. Basic British Ying Li eyebrow makeup you're done!