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Qingdao Green Lash Art & Craft Co.,Ltd

General Manager:Bruce Lau

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Add:1-2-606 Jiushui xiaoqu jiushui road NO13, Licang district, Qingdao, China

fans lashes custom packaging
Oct 30, 2018

Looking for a line of sunshine in the crowd

Where is the vast sky?

Not afraid of much frustration in the future

I have strong shoulders

I finally understand that hope is still ahead.

Don't want to stop here and look back

I’m going to start visiting

My dreams are boiling from the cold

More rugged on the road

I have a strong ambition

Even if you fall, you don't care.

More wind and rain in the world

I have a strong ambition

Brave face will not escape

Go go go embroider new self

I took out a hot heart

Dreams are accumulated in my heart every day.

No matter what happens in life, please remember to stay beautiful.

Green Lash, show you the most beautiful