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Qingdao Green Lash Art & Craft Co.,Ltd

General Manager:Bruce Lau

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Add:1-2-606 Jiushui xiaoqu jiushui road NO13, Licang district, Qingdao, China

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Oct 31, 2018

In my heart, I once had a dream to use songs to make you forget all the painful stars. Who is the real hero? The ordinary people gave me the most touch, no hate, no pain, but I hope that there are loves everywhere. The song for your true smile, bless your life, and make a difference. Grasp every minute of your life, go all out, dreams in our hearts, don’t experience the wind and rain, see the rainbow, no one can succeed casually.

Grasp every touch and beloved friend in your life, let the heartfelt words and happy tears flow in your heart

Life is hard,but no matter what happens,please remember to keep beautiful

Green Lash,bring beauty to you