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Micro Brushes

  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Brush MB010

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    Eyelash and Eyebrow Brush MB010

    specification: Length : 10cm Four different size in tip Regular size (2.5mm) Color: blue and light blue Fine size (2.0mm) Color: green and light green Ultrafine size (1.5mm) Color: purple and light purple Cylinder size (1.2mm) Color: black and whiteRead More

  • Eyelash Cleaning Brush MB009

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    Eyelash Cleaning Brush MB009

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  • Eyelash Brushes Wholesale MB008

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    Eyelash Brushes Wholesale MB008

    eyelash brushes wholesale MB008 Features: - Convenient handle - Disposable - Colored for easy identification - Regular size (2.5mm): blue, yellow, pink Fine size (2.0mm): green Super-fine size (1.5mm): purple Cylinder size (1.2mm): whiteRead More

  • Micro Brushes UK MB007

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    Micro Brushes UK MB007

    micro brushes uk MB007 Widely used to: 1. Hemostatic Solutions 2.Disclosing Solutions 3.Sealants 4.Dycal applications 5.Etchants 6.Bonding agents 7.Cavity linings 8.Fluoride varnishingRead More

  • Micro Brushes Wholesale MB006

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    Micro Brushes Wholesale MB006

    micro brushes wholesale MB006 Feature: Consist of non-linting non-absorbent fibers arranged in a spherical shape. It holds solutions in suspension. eliminating dripping, spilling and waste. The bedabble portion allows for precise application in difficult for reach areas...Read More

  • disposable dental micro brush/micro applicator tips/MICRO APLICADorES for eyelash extension MB005

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    disposable dental micro brush/micro applicator tips/MICRO APLICADorES for eyelash extension MB005

    [product name] makeup brushes MB005 China Length 100mm, diameter 3mm (different specifications, head size and different hair) [product effect] 1. Economy, disposable use (health safety) [product package] 100 pieces/cans, 4 cans/boxes, 120 cans/boxes (batch please click 120...Read More

  • Eyelash Fan Brush MB004

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    Eyelash Fan Brush MB004

    Remove the excess glue when grafting eyelash, can cooperate with unloaded gel to remove the glue trace quickly, can also be used in other parts of makeup discharge makeup, for example: 1. Gently wipe with a cotton wand to remove excess eye shadow 2. Wipe the mascara on your...Read More

  • Eyelash Brushes MB003

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    Eyelash Brushes MB003

    [product name]eyelash brushes MB003 China Length 100mm, diameter 2.0mm (different specifications, different head size and hair) [product effect] 1. Economy, disposable use (health safety) [product packaging] 100 pieces/cans, 4 cans/boxes, 160 cans/boxes Packing: bag quantity:...Read More

  • Velour Lash Applicator MB002

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    Velour Lash Applicator MB002

    velour lash applicator MB002 The upper level of upper atmosphere of eyelash cleaning rod Grafting eyelash special cotton lash applicator The quality of self-produced export Texture: natural chitosan fiber + cotton ball Specification: blue - large -REGULAR Green -- medium...Read More

  • Micro Brushes for Eyelashes MB001

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    Micro Brushes for Eyelashes MB001

    micro brushes for eyelashes MB001 Candy color grafting eyelash sterilization cotton swab: saw this kind of grafting cotton swab, many beautiful women after use the effect is very beautiful, see the heart of the heart. The eyelash after grafting, the thick nature, is the close...Read More