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Mascara Applicator Wand

  • Disposable Mascara Applicators W009

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    Disposable Mascara Applicators W009

    disposable mascara applicators W009 How to deposit a makeup brush Most cosmetics brands will be equipped with the corresponding cosmetic bags, and can be purchased according to the quantity and specifications.Small makeup bags are usually suitable for short brush or travel...Read More

  • Mascara Applicators Disposable W008

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    Mascara Applicators Disposable W008

    How to clean a makeup brush The special brush cleaning agent can be used for cleaning, gently rubbing, then rinse with cold water. Don't wash your hair against the hair. After cleaning, gently press the brush with a tissue paper or a cotton pad to let the water escape...Read More

  • Mascara Applicator Brush W007

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    Mascara Applicator Brush W007

    mascara applicator brush W007 How to choose a makeup brush The hair brush is best to choose natural wool, because the natural hair brush is soft and elastic, it is comfortable to contact with the skin, and it is easy to stick to the granule and color natural. The synthetic...Read More

  • Mascara Applicator W006

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    Mascara Applicator W006

    mascara applicator 【 maintenance 】 Use a special makeup brush cleanser to clean, then dry the water with a towel; It is the ideal shape of the bristles to be kept in a cool, cool place. Do not blow dry with a hair dryer, prevent pulling and trimming the makeup brush, or...Read More

  • Mascara Application Tips W005

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    Mascara Application Tips W005

    mascara application tips W005 Q: what about the size of the brush? Answer: this eyelash brush (eyebrow brush) total length is about 10cm, brush head about 2.5cm, relative to that big brush is slightly small.But because eyelash and brow are more fine, be more easy to use when...Read More

  • Mascara Wand Types W004

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    Mascara Wand Types W004

    mascara wand types W004 Ask: brush soft not soft? Answer: the eyelash brush of this shop is soft and hard moderate, namely guaranteed to be able to brush is urgent, do not have a person.Since the brush (eyebrow brush) of the eyelash is thinner, it is more soft than that of...Read More

  • Lash Wand W3

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    Lash Wand W3

    lash wand W3 Ask: this eyelash brush (eyebrow brush) whether one-time? Answer: this eyelash brush (eyebrow brush) not only use once, can be used repeatedly many times.Because of the common beauty ciliary store in grafting eyelash often use this product, in order to ensure the...Read More

  • Eyelash Wand W002

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    Eyelash Wand W002

    eyelash wand W002 [description] : for the cleanliness of the MM this is a rare good product!Repeat use is also OK, as long as receive good, do clean work is OK!General makeup counter is to take this to the customer to make up the makeup. Exceed multi-use, apply lipstick lip...Read More

  • Retractable Eyelash Wand W001

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    Retractable Eyelash Wand W001

    (1)Product Description: * plastic wands disposable mascara brushRead More