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False Lash Tweezers

  • Stainless Steel Tweezers TW009

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    Stainless Steel Tweezers TW009

    Stainless Steel Tweezers TW009 Product Description 1.Material:Stainless steel 2.Styles:Curved 3.Color:Silver 4.Packing:1pc per tray 5.Usage:For individual or volume lashesRead More

  • Volume Lash Tweezers TW008

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    Volume Lash Tweezers TW008

    Name: volume lash tweezers TW008 Packing: regular single OPP bag Material: antistatic and anti-magnetic acid resistant stainless steel Specification: length 12.5cm-14.5 thickness 1.5mm Features: good strength, non-magnetic material, flexible and long time to use fingers...Read More

  • Eyelash Tweezers Ulta TW007

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    Eyelash Tweezers Ulta TW007

    eyelash tweezers ulta TW007 A precise lash estension requires precision tweezers. Our eyelash tweezers ulta TW007 can meet this requirement when you need,so if you have any questions about the eyelash tweezers ulta TW007,plz just contact Bruce-info@green-lash.comRead More

  • Eyelash Applicator Tweezers TW006

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    Eyelash Applicator Tweezers TW006

    Stick for novice MM, false eyelash is really a long and painful process, in addition to make all over the hand with a glue, just hard to draw good makeup, a mistake was all break away oh. With the latest fake eyelash adjusters, you're not going to let that happen...Read More

  • Eyelash Extension Tweezers TW005

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    Eyelash Extension Tweezers TW005

    Multiple USES of false eyelashes 1, to cut it into half, used to glue the eye end is suitable for the girl small, round eyes, have the effect of elongated eyes 2, to cut it into a small, it has a section by section with a pair of tweezers interval of glue on the eyelash root...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Tweezers Switzerland

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    Stainless Steel Tweezers Switzerland

    plucking First let the curved tweezers loose false eyelashes, separate the false eyelash one root out of the gap, be careful not to push too hard Degrees, it feels like you can easily do the root plucking to stop the movement of the hair. Take MAO correctly Used with...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Tweezers UK TW03

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    Stainless Steel Tweezers UK TW03

    The method of using tweezers International standard execution technique is common left hand is straight tweezers, right hand take strong bending tweezers . Some people are used to the left and right. But the tweezers, regardless of the hand, are used with the thumb and middle...Read More

  • False Eyelashes Applicator Tool

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    False Eyelashes Applicator Tool

    How to use? (1) <the method of holding > International standard execution method is common left hand is straight forceps, the right hand is strong curved forceps.Some people are used to the left and right.But the tweezers, regardless of the hand, are used with the thumb...Read More

  • Eyelashes Applicator Tool TW001

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    Eyelashes Applicator Tool TW001

    eyelashes applicator tool st10 Material: stainless steel Model: st10 - st18 Features: hard material, fine workmanship, precise and accurate are the necessary tools for grafting lashes Grafting beauty tools specialized in planting grafted eyelash tweezers Stainless steel 9...Read More